Wednesday, October 17, 2012

We are often our greatest enemies

I disagree. If a person is not mentally ill he isn't his biggest enemy or many more people would commit suicide just because they don't like themselves. It is other people who cause us problems by their mistakes not only ours. Ok everybody makes mistakes sometimes and can get depressed but most of the things that give us problems are what other people do to us.
Also even if we make mistakes, why should it be a problem? If other people did not get annoyed with our mistakes then there would not be any problems. As your own mistakes should not upset you too much. So if people accepted other people’s mistakes and did not get annoyed with what you did or who you are, then less people will get upset and blame themselves. For example, if teachers were not very stricted when students make mistakes the students would not blame themselves for their mistakes and get upset.
So in conclusion other people must be more kind and accept others when they make mistakes and not get angry or upset about these mistakes. Or people will just keep blaming themselves and thinking that they are their own greatest enemy.

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