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Andrew Camp Green Lake Extended Response

Camp green lake affects the boys by teaching them discipline on how to behave and be good towards the environment and pretty much everyone. The way they try to point out to the boys how they must behave is a bit harsh although the boys will definitely remember not to do something bad again if they know the consequences. The way the people point out to the boys what they did is hard physical labour. As they dig their holes the boys must think what should they do next time so that they don’t get into this horrible situation ever again. This way is a bit crude although very efficient. This way is not torture but a cruel way to teach someone not to do something. What the boys have to do is dig one hole every day for 1 year and a half. The hole must be 5 feet deep and wide, you have a shovel five feet long to measure. Each boy gets a certain amount of water, if you run out and get dehydrated its your own fault. Every second wasted to dig the hole ment 1 second closer to the sun rising. The sun gave off blistering heat and pure discomfort. The food they get is plain and unappetizing. If any boy finds something interesting they must instantly bring it to the warden, if it is of any interest then you get the day off. Each one of the boys share tents quite far away from the digging area. The overall description of this camp is one word, horrible. You would never want to end up in a place like this.   

Nikita K holes structured writing

describe what is The daily routine at camp Greenlake like.what is it like and how does it affect the boys 300 words

Camp Green-lakes routine is very cruel and awful  for a multitude of reasons. The boys who were sent here become very rough and unhappy. They become more criminals than they were and it teaches them nothing.
              They should dig holes 5 feet deep and 5 feet wide to “train their character” and make them ready to reenter society as non-criminals, but it teaches them to be even more evil and grumpy. This place is where nobody belongs, and as built only to help the warden find something. The boys live in awful tents and sleep in stinky sleeping bags. they have stupid names( they chose for themselves) like armpit, Zig-Zag, squid which proves their moral stupidness. They work from very early in the morning to the middle of the day when the sun is Very, Very hot. It is very hard and it doesn’t do any good to anybody. They have little water, no tasty meals and very strict watchers. They also get only a few minutes in the shower after their exaggerating day. Their restroom was once very nice with sofas and chair and even a TV. But the boys broke it all which shows that they were neither well taught nor re-taught. They are never happy and follow one of them like a leader even though he is not very strong. They aren’t friendly at all and rarely accept anyone in their group at first. One boy even stepped on a rattlesnake on purpose to get out of camp.They are all actually working for the evil warden who is much more interested in finding a long lost treasure than in the boys’ life. She will stop at nothing to get her money, even if it means killing some of them. Camp Green-lake is a horrible place to be in.

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Lyuba and Haley Paired Reading "Holes" (Chapter 10)

          The great galactic war.

Hello my name is Cadman Rony. Today is 2612. A time of war between the UNITED STATES OF EARTH and THE NATZY REFORMENS. I am going to write about my adventures . I live on earth with my mom. My dad is an earth general who fights with the Natzi group. My best friend is Kale Jane his father is also a earth general. He is from mars. It was a last day before summer holiday. We were walking from school. We talked about our plans for holiday. This night I was thinking of a way I can see my dad. And I had an Idea, it was to run from the home and fiend dad. So I said to Kale " Hey men do you want to see your dad, Yeh I wish they both come soon. I think we should find them'' I said ' what do you mean. Thair a ship heading to their section in 2 days. We should leave with them. We are already 14 years old Don’t be scared. I am not scared just, you know.” Kale said “ Okay what’s your suggestion?. I know the airport by hart. We will find the way to the ship and hide. I will email you the list of things to take. Ok see you tomorrow''. So I had my lunch and went upstairs into my room. And start writing the list. Gun, 2 jeans 2 tee-shirts 1 sweater 1 caught A camped knife. Flash lights..... Then I start preparing for the trip. In two days of wise preparing and making plans we were ready. I 00:00 I was by his door. Of we went and made our way to the airport and to the ship, trout the secret passage and to the ship. We hide for 30 minutes and The ship take of. And we were happy on our way to dads. But their was a hit and another hit. «we both thought of the same thing. Fighting with Natzy.
The ship was ambushed and soon we connected to them, the soldiers went to fight . We were in their ship now. And bam the ships disconnected and we were in their ship. It was a big ship. We went thru the ship hiding and we reached some secret room. There was a guard. We made some noise and 2 guns shot. And he the guard 2 bullets in his body. He was dead. We went to the thing he was grading. It was some canon. It was a water sucker. We need to destroy it. I took some bombs from the dead guard. We put them but the other guards were coming. We start shooting and running to the ship. Then, when we wear next to their jet fighters the UNITED STATES OF EARTH attacked the ship and they attached to the ship. We see our fathers leading the attack they also show us and run to us. and we went in to the ship. And their was a large exploitation and the ship disconnected. The bad ship was destroyed. And the secret weapon was gone.

           The End

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miles domas Holes reading

'Holes' Paired Reading Chrissy and Kvitka

1)I disagree with the notion that "People age under 18 should be punished the same way as adults in terms of crime, I disagree"for a multitude of reasons. I think the kids may not controls their emotion.This is why we say adults and kids. They should be punished but not like that. I believe that you should not take kids from their parents or they grow up as criminals.  

2) I disagree with the notion that people who cant read are not smart.
Their are some people that cant read as they are blind or, also they might be ill, mentally. Their are people who for example are very good in math but cant read.

3) I agree with the notion that it is better for children to make friend with their pierce then with adults for multiple reasons. The adults may not understand the the children as they want them to be perfect. And never full around. That forget where they where like and they need to remember that children need some freedom.

Sina and Sophia paired reading