Wednesday, October 3, 2012

About Me Emil Efendiyev

My name is Emil Efendiyev. I was born at Ukraine Kiev 12th of march 2001 year. I leaved whole my life here but by nationality I am from Azerbaijan. I have mum, dad and two sisters. one of them is older then me and another is not. My mum is from Ukraine but my dad is from Azerbaijan. I love animals. I have 16 cats and 4 dogs. I love them all. My dogs names are Barrik, Lisa, Garry and Willy. I love most Garry and Willy. I like to play with them outside. The really fun game to play with them is
hide-and-sik. But as you play it seems that Willy hates this game cause he starts to bark on you and chase you. I like sports. I like almost all kind of sports and some fun sport games. Also when I was small till 11 years old my family always went some where on holidays but now not cause we have puppies that need to be with us. From all places I ever was I liked most Cyprus, Egypt and maybe turkey. Because I saw their a lot of interesting things and a lot of different animals. Also I ate at this places many different foods but my favorite foods are pizza, spaghetti, borsch, ice cream, rolls, pies, cakes, candies and almost everything that is eatable except pork.
I am learning at Pechersk International School. I am learning over there already for 7 years, I have many friends at school that always will support me and I support them.
Over all I love my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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