Thursday, October 4, 2012

Gist Statement

Monkey Paw

Gist Statement  

Once upon a time in London in the year 1984 a  factory got burned down by someone. The police had all sorts of ideas, but couldn’t find the person. The main person on the police force was Sergeant-major. Nobody knew this but in London, back then there was a small spy.The spy was actually a small girl that was about 8 years old and her name was Olivia, and her helper was her pet dog, he was two years old, and his breed was a Bishon Frise and his name was Monkey paw. He was well known to Olivia as the master password and the lock cracker. He unlocked  all the locks and  passwords with his paw.                                                                                                  So she decided to take the mission up to herself.
  Also there was a lot of talking about that since the fire, the factory was cursed. So people barely even walked past it, but if they did they got fear in their eyes. Even the police didn’t go there after the fire.

Everyone wished for someone to destroy  the building down, and build something new. The first thought that came to Olivia’s mind was to go to the factory with Monkey paw , and look around.
 When she got there, Monkey paw found a small metal box, that looked like it was brought from India. Also there were some papers and a golden ring. When Olivia read one of the papers she realized that this was owned by the richest man in the United Kingdom. Suddenly she  heard a door slam. She and Monkey paw went into the other room, and then Olivia saw a shadow walk by. They both came out looked around but nobody was their.
  Olivia and Monkey paw got out of the factory with the box, and went straight to the police. When they got there , they managed to contact the owner of the box, and he said that he will send a car for Olivia to bring her and the box for him. The car came in 2 min.Olivia the box and Monkey paw all sat in the car, on their way to his house.
  When they got there they saw a gigantic house, horses, and beautiful trees and flowers. She got inside, the man was very happy to see her. Straight away Olivia gave him the box, told him the whole story, and he welcomed her to go sit at the table. While they ate and she told him more about herself. He said that he will destroy that factory and instead he will build a huge park for children  and their pets.
  So the guy who burned down the factory was in jail, the factory was destroyed and a beautiful huge park was built instead. Now everybody wanted to go their with their pets  and children.

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