Wednesday, October 3, 2012

  About Me
   By- Beatrice Hudson
Hello!  My name is Beatty and I am eleven years old.  I was born in Kiev 16 June 2001.  I have a five (coming six) year old brother Alfie and thirteen (coming fourteen) year old sister Katya.
My dad is from England and my mum is from Ukraine so I am half and half.  My dads name is      Phil but I never call him by his real name.  My mum’s name is Lada I also barley ever use my mums name. Then there is my grandma she is so nice, helpfull and just wonderful.  Although my grandpa sadly not long ago passed away.  Another part of my family well was my hamsters Hammy and Zack.  They were actually brothers they didn’t get a long so well so we put them in different cages.  Hammy was the energetic one always moving around making noises and loved food!  Zack was a normal hamster not too thin not too fat just right but if he would bite it hurts! Even though we had rough times I loved them very much but they also sadly passed away.  I have only lived in Kiev and I have never moved into another apartment or house.  But I will, to a bigger apartment maybe this summer!  It is pretty big and has
remarkable views.  Although I have moved schools.  

My first school was a Ukrainian  one, named “Montessori”.  My family and I loved the school and went there for three years.  I loved it there and even though it was not the most beautiful and well designed school it was definitely fun.  I met good friends and very nice teachers and I got a pretty good education there.  Until one day my and Sasha’s (a girl who once went to PSI) family went to a restaurant and Sasha’s family kept saying how wonderful PSI is.  When my sister went (to PSI) , I followed and we loved it.  I loved the school so much that this is 5th year and I still like it.  But my sister wanted to move on, she left to a boarding school in England.  But I stayed.  In the school year I have met good real friends who helped me in every way I could
possibly think of, when I study for a test, think of ideas for a project, with my homework pretty much everything. I try my best to help my friends in this same way.  I love my friends so much, especially my closest ones.  It doesn’t matter how apart we are in cities, countries or even continents we are still really close friends and nothing can change it.   In the way of finding my closest friends I found something else. My hobbies. Of course I knew some things that I loved but I never really thought about what are my hobbies and thing I love.  Although my favourite colours are lime green, all kinds of blue, purple,yellow, and turquoise. My favourite patterns are probably polka dot, zebra, cheetah, and doodles with a bit of colour.
WHAT I   Theese are things that I love but the things I love to do are many (hobbies) so here are some:  acting, socializing, discovery, not deadly risks,  sketching, traveling, art’s and crafts, painting, reading, helping, decorating, animals I can go on for ever.  My favourite games can be hard to choose because  I can be pretty picky and confusing: I love basketball, handball, bandminton and swimming.  My favourite board games are MONOPOLY, SCRABBLE and DETECTIVE. Sometimes I can be pretty energetic but sometimes I like to go in my blankets and get myself warm and
then read a book.  I make myself some hot coco or popcorn and watch my favourite movie or book. I usually watch or read my favorite book or movie now it’s HUNGER GAMES. I love these things because I can do, make, use these things if I want when I want, and where I want.  My past was great but I hope the future will be even better.

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