Wednesday, October 3, 2012

About Veronica

    My name Is Veronica, I am 11 years old right now, I was born on 17th October 2000. I am a citizen of  Ukraine and was born in Kiev.There are four members in my family, mother Victoria, father Anatoly, and an older sister Christina. I also have three dogs: Charlie, his breed is Shitzu, Sammy, his breed is West-highland White Terrier, and Larry, his breed is  Berner Sennenhund. 

This is my 7th year in P.S.I. My favorite subjects are: English A, Art, French and Maths. 
My passions are A.R.T, I have done A.R.T for three years, and participated in many art exhibitions I used many different kinds of paint,pastels,pencils made of coal etc., and Horse back riding that I have done for 1 year, and I will soon have my own horse. I also like: photography,dancing,singing,yachting- I like it because every time we go somewhere for a vacation where is a sea or ocean we always take a yacht for a whole day and travel too different places, swim, eat food etc.,designing, when I grow up I want to be a designer of clothes because I like fashion and dressing nicely or interior:)and there are much much more things I like to do:)I also like to just spend time with my family and friends. I have a best friend her name is Maria (not from our school and Lyuba.I love traveling! I've been to many places like: England, France, Italy, Netherlands, Croatia, U.S.A and a lot more. My favorite places that I visited were Maldives and Italy. I also like doing sports like: Swimming, tennis, horse back riding as I said before, and fitness.My favorite types of books are detective and Fantasy but I like reading other types of books as well, and my favorite types of films are comedy,drama and some others My favorite food is Some sea food, and almost all types of spaghetti.I like to drive cars, my dad lets me drive his car (he sits next me)and I really enjoy it,my favorite type of car is ferrari and Aston martin. My favorite colors are coral,sky blue and lemon because they are all sort of bright colors and I really like bright colors. That was was  almost all about me:)  

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