Monday, October 1, 2012

About me Process Sina
My name is Sina Barmoro. I was born in Sweden, April 16th 2001. In my family I have my mom Amal Dad Ozcan nine year old sister Nisha 5 year old sister Timra  and last but not least 9 months old sister Leah. I am christian and I live in kiev. I am half Swedish half Assyrian.
Now i will tell you what I like and what I like to do
I really like to play soccer it really makes me feel like I spark. I think soccer is a fantastic sport and i think everybody should play soccer.
I also really like doing gymnastics it just makes me feel happy and when I was small you would see me doing splits and somersaults all over the floor. I love doing it and I will never stop. I also love to sing and dance I think it just is what i do whenever i feel like it, and i do it a lot. Another thing I like doing is horse  riding. I just live sitting on the horse and then just moving with it. One thing that makes me really happy is Traveling I have traveled to so many places and I have enjoyed every second of it. My favorite meals are aprach (assyrian food), pizza (favorite pizza is hawaiian) and tacos  I really like mexican food. My favorite animals are Dog, Horse, Dolphin, Tiger and  Giraffe. I don't have any pets but i have always wanted a Dog or a horse. My favorite colors are purple black and lime green. My favorite songs are called Danza Kuduro (by Don Omar) and Dansa Pausa (Swedish song by Panetoz)
Now on to my favorite vacation
My favorite vacation was when I  went to Dubai with my best friend Bella. I was so fun we were together all the time, it was perfect. It was really warm the food was great and we had ice cream all the time. Also we were in the pool every single second. Then we made up these drama plays and we did that all in the pool it was just the best vacation ever!

That was all about me :)

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