Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Liza's book review.
My book is called "Mini Shopaholic" by Sophie Kinsella. The genre of the book is romantic comedy. There's about 414 pages in the book. The book was published in 2011. I started reading this book in August 2011 and finished in October 2011. In the rating out of IO i would give it a IO because its rare for me to find a book that i would just LOVE reading. And that book is one of them. I would recommend this book to teen readers or more like 13+ aged people because it describes the life problems and situations of people who are in their 20ies-30ies because its more understandable than. For me that book was interesting because it was so exciting, and also because i love romantic comedy stories. The story is about Becky Brandon (née Bloomwood), who is the main character. She is so happy that she became a mother, and now she has a daughter which is now two. For Becky it was the dream come true, and now she has a shopping friend for the rest of the life. But it becomes harder than she thought. But a two-year-old Minnie has a different approach to shopping. She can randomly hire a taxi, she always screams "miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine" and she can even order bags on Ebay.
And on top of everything else there is a bid financial crisis. People are having to Cut Back including all of Becky's personal shopping clients. And also Becky and Luke (husband) are still living with her parents, which is quite a pain for all of them. And to cheer everyone up, Becky decides to make a surprise party to Luke on a budget, and then it becomes REALLY complicated. When Becky gets fired from her job, the serious finance problems start. The only person that comes to help her with money is Luke's mom Elinor, who Becky and Luke absolutely dislikes. But when Elinor and Becky started working together on Luke's surprise party it all started turning good. All Becky's friends also started helping and finally it becomes a FUROR!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Holes Paired Readings I

Holes- Voicethread

Grade 6 In-class Task Sheet

What goes around, comes around: how does
what we do today affect tomorrow?

Have a minute to think about how the guiding question relates to our novel.

You will view a series of images related to themes, characters, and events in our novel. You need to analyze how these images relate to the ideas presented by our Guiding Question.

There are three images. There will be three types of responses.

1) Observation- Identify what we are looking at. Who or what is the image of? - Simple, but try to be detailed (Criteria A).

2) Analytical- Identify the image in terms of What goes around, comes around: how does
what we do today affect tomorrow? Identify what significance these individuals or items have had in the narrative (story). More so, identify how they have had an important role in shaping the present and future of the characters in the novel.

3) Creative- Write a first person narrative from one of the characters that you feel directly relate to this image. Personal narratives are told in the first person, so you will use words like “I” and “me”. It is much like a journal. Tell us what they are thinking. Tell us what they might be worried, excited, or happy about.

***All of these responses will be shared on the “Hole” Voicethread. You need to be sure that you have 1 type of response for each image and that you have responded to all three images.