Saturday, October 20, 2012

Extended Response

3. If you are guilty of a major crime you will get caught.

I agree because if you do it there will be traces left behind and evidence that can let professional cops find you like a giant black dot on a piece of paper. Sometimes if what you did made people suffer and you will crack under the pressure like one ton on a egg, although some are master criminals and won’t give up too easy. If it repeats they can slowly find you because of the marks left behind and local evidence. Police would be at every little thug hideout in the town and block the entrances and exits to the city and any escape attempt will be easy to see because of the massive awareness in the city. If for example you steal the Mona Lisa everyone in the world will be aware and ask every person in town if they have any evidence or have worked with the criminal. If they did have any clues they will combine all the gathered clues and find the person that everyone might have seen. If the criminal runs into a thick forest police K-9’s will find them and/or helicopters. Everyone would need to have verification to leave the city or to enter. Then after that they will search everywhere day and night until they find the person responsible for the crime and bring them to justice. They also cannot hide after having found the lost item, because of dna scans and fingerprints.

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