Monday, October 1, 2012


ABOUT ME Miles Engstrom

 I am from Detroit MI in the united states. I was born in Grosse Pointe and I lived there for my whole life except for 2 years in kyiv I'm going on my third year in kyiv though. I really like it in kyiv except I kind of want to go back after this year because I miss the states.

My favorite sport is shooting but my passion is animals. I love shooting because i’m really good at it and it is fun but I love animals because they are really cute and because a lot of them are nice

I like school and my favorite subject is D.T. because I love to design and build stuff creating stuff is my third favorite thing to do in my free time because it involves a lot of thought and building after designing what you will build.

My favorite trip was the summer of 2012 because I did a lot of new things. Such as getting new fun thing like airsoft guns which are fake guns that shoot around 500 feet per second.I like them because they are not loud you can have wars with them and you can target shoot
which is what I really like to do.

My favorite band is Flight of the Conchords. because they are funny by making jokes in their songs and I really like jokes.My favorite show is family guy but I don’t have a favorite movie because I like a lot of different movies.
What I like to do with my friends in The states is go to the village which is near my house
and spend a lot of money buying random stuff such as junk food, soda, Ice cream... also I like to buy hardware supplies to build stuff with my friends.

My favorite game to play is a game called apples to apples because for some reason it always makes me laugh when I play it also I like the I like card games and magic tricks I really like magic tricks because they really confuse people and they are fun to show people when you know how to do the trick.

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