Monday, October 15, 2012

Krista TTH Anticipation Guide

“Think I’ll Lose my mind if I don’t find something to pacify”
  -Ozzy Osbourne

I agree that if you can’t solve something, it will drive you crazy.  If you can not finish or fix something, or anything that you leave uncompleted, it will keep on gnawing on you, until - if the feeling is strong enough - it will drive you mad.  

It’s because your mind will focus on this one specific thing you are concentrating on, and it will consume you so wholly that you will start to forget about everything else, sometimes you might even abandon food and drink, or sleep, which is (stating the obvious) bad for you.  

Just take the man in the book, he kept on seeing an eye, and he wanted to kill the old man because of it.  He was already crazy, but he kept on trying to kill the old man, and then when he did it, he felt immensely satisfied.  It's a sick example, but it’s true.  If you have a problem that is driving you mad, and you fix it or solve it, you will feel incredibly relieved and good inside.  

That’s why I think that Ozzy had the right idea, saying he’d lose his mind if he didn’t find something to pacify.

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