Saturday, October 20, 2012

Extended Response

3. If you are guilty of a major crime you will get caught.

I agree because if you do it there will be traces left behind and evidence that can let professional cops find you like a giant black dot on a piece of paper. Sometimes if what you did made people suffer and you will crack under the pressure like one ton on a egg, although some are master criminals and won’t give up too easy. If it repeats they can slowly find you because of the marks left behind and local evidence. Police would be at every little thug hideout in the town and block the entrances and exits to the city and any escape attempt will be easy to see because of the massive awareness in the city. If for example you steal the Mona Lisa everyone in the world will be aware and ask every person in town if they have any evidence or have worked with the criminal. If they did have any clues they will combine all the gathered clues and find the person that everyone might have seen. If the criminal runs into a thick forest police K-9’s will find them and/or helicopters. Everyone would need to have verification to leave the city or to enter. Then after that they will search everywhere day and night until they find the person responsible for the crime and bring them to justice. They also cannot hide after having found the lost item, because of dna scans and fingerprints.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Agree or disagree?

1) People who are mentally ill are always aware of there sickness

I definitly dissagree because so many different sickenesses have different symtoms and most of them you cant control. Alot of them are not that bad of sicknesses but there are some that are really dangerouse and the people who have it might not know for example the person in tell tale heart he didn't really know that he was sick and he was trying to prove to us that he was not .But to some sicknesses there are many cures and you can get rid of it eventualy. Like cancer and many more things. But it is very improtant to remember that even thought you have a sickness we do need to treat everyone equelly because they are human beings . and also remeber in about a million years or whenever there is a genius we will have tools and medicine to cure up the sicknesses also people are going to the hospital sick and coming back cured That is why I strongly belive that people who are mentaly sick are not aware of it.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Agree & Disagree by: Kristian Pedersen

If you are guilty of a major crime you will be eventually caught

I strongly agree, because when you commit a crime its really bad and someday you are gonna be caught anyway. Police sooner or later is going to find evidence and arrest you. Even if they don't find clues immediately, they are gonna invite Sherlock Holmes, and he will definitely find out about the crime. So it’s better not to do any crime at all!!!!! But most of all, after the crime inside yourself you will feel your conscience, and it’s gonna reap you to pieces, and someday you will give up. Why are people committing crimes? THey are lazy, instead of working they steal money and kill, kill, kill! It would be much better without crimes. Less people would die and everyone would be happy. Even if you do a crime someday people are going to find out and you're going to get in lots of trouble. I also researched that some people kill others being drunk or using the drugs. People are committing crimes if their girlfriend/boyfriend broke up and they do terrible things like suicide. Also when a person is surrounded by criminals, he most likely becomes a criminal too. If a person once makes a poor choice, it’s going to influence his whole life.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sina Barmoro Anticipation Guide "Tell Tale Heart"

If you are guilty of a major crime, you will eventually get caught
I agree, if it was a major crime then somebody must have heard about it. For example if the crime happened in a jewelry shop and the thief stole jewelry and the broke the glass window. If  the window breaks then the crime must have been heard. Some one that heard the crime will call the police. Then the policies catch the thief  and then because it was a major crime everybody will know and a lot of people (polices) will search. Then because it is such a big crime and all the police cars and ambulances are surrounding the shop all the security cameras then they have to be able to catch the thief. Also because it's a major crime then the place where the crime has happened has to be a popular place there for the crime has to be seen by the people living close to the store and they will call the policies and then someone might call the ambulance because someone might be hurt and the somebody might call the fire station because they might think that there is  a fire. The whole group is there and all the evidence will get picked up. Finally they will get the thief take back what the thief store and then last but not least the thief is in TROUBLE!
We are often our greatest enemies

I disagree. If a person is not mentally ill he isn't his biggest enemy or many more people would commit suicide just because they don't like themselves. It is other people who cause us problems by their mistakes not only ours. Ok everybody makes mistakes sometimes and can get depressed but most of the things that give us problems are what other people do to us.
Also even if we make mistakes, why should it be a problem? If other people did not get annoyed with our mistakes then there would not be any problems. As your own mistakes should not upset you too much. So if people accepted other people’s mistakes and did not get annoyed with what you did or who you are, then less people will get upset and blame themselves. For example, if teachers were not very stricted when students make mistakes the students would not blame themselves for their mistakes and get upset.
So in conclusion other people must be more kind and accept others when they make mistakes and not get angry or upset about these mistakes. Or people will just keep blaming themselves and thinking that they are their own greatest enemy.

Daniel S. tell tale heart anticipation guide

 People who are mentally ill are always aware of their sickness.                                                                                                                                                  I strongly disagree with this statement because they live with their diseases as kids and are  undiagnosed of them and what the diseases mean. They live nearly their whole life with the mental disease totally unaware of it, and then some person or a doctor tells them that they have a mental disease. For sure, in I think the person will not believe it, because would you believe a person coming and telling you that you have a disease that you have never known about. It (the disease) can even cause some unique symptoms in a person and even kill him or her, but the person will still not think it is a disease  in them. The misinformed human will try to argue that he or she is totally sane, and even when he gets proof he will still not believe it. In the short story ‘’Tell-tale Heart’’ the murderer killed the old man just because he was afraid of his ‘’eagle eye”.  This is an example of the crazy things the person with the disease will do and then when  interrogated, the person will tell that he is totally sane, and will tell that he did the crazy deed ‘’professionally’’ and ‘’very good’’. That is why I think that humans who have a mental disease are not always aware of them.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

1) People who are mentally ill are always aware of their sickness.

I disagree as people may be so ill their mind will be very foggy and they will forget everything.

2) It is normal to hear things that are not their.

I disagree.Usually hearing not reall stuff is a first sign of craziness.For example the man in the story “Tall-tale Heart” was actually smart but crazzy.

3)If you are guilty of a major crime you will be eventually caught

I agree. If it is something truly very very terrible it is impossible to lie about it or if you are a very good lier  bad things show up and when you say no I did not do this they will now it is a lie.

4) All humans share the same fears.

I disagree. All people are different. For example I am not scared of yucky stuff but I am scared of height. And my sister is scared of yucky stuff but is not scared of height

5) We are often our greatest enemies

I disagree. If a person is not mentally ill he isn't his biggest animes or then most of the people would commit suicide which I know a lot about.

6) If there is something you really need to take care of something and you can't it will slowly eat away at you.

I agree. If you can't work on something very important it will cause big problems. For example if you are going away for something really important in work time you will have very big problems if you don't do the business their.

Mr. White was born in London and then moved to India. He lived next to an old, abandoned factory. He always wished to go and explore it and once he did. He was curious about it. But he feared that somebody will catch him. When he went there and start exploring it, on the third floor he saw a monkey’s paw and chased it. But suddenly the road finished and he almost fell, from the other side of the factory was coming a Sergeant-Major. The boy was in  despair   but suddenly monkeys head showed from under the shelter. And they both hid under the shelter until the policeman went away. From that moment they became big friends. 

 About me.

I am from Russia. I was born in Switzerland. I have a brother and one sister. I am 1 M  40 in a small city Lozano I when to Moocow when I was 6 months I lived in Moocow for 7 years then I moved to Kiev.  Now I am in Kiev I am 11 years old. My favourite food is pizza and sushi. I like to play board hockey and make Lego. I prefer to spend my vacations in Italy. I am a Jew. My favourite sports are soccer, hand ball and judo. I really    like Rock group Deep Purple, Red Hot Chili Peppers Beetles. If would choose a country to live in I would choose Israel. I LOVE the sea and whether in Israel.

                              So now you know who I am.

Eva Anticipation Guide

I disagree that all humans share the same fears. Why?

In my opinion, fears don’t just appear out of nowhere, something needs to happen for there to be fear. For example, if when you were small, you were bitten by large, stray dogs, you might be terribly scared and have a phobia of dogs. These fears or phobias might slowly dissolve, but some leave people mentally feared for the rest of their lives, like a scar. 

Also, some people might start of with the same fears, but some might leave them behind and some might keep them to themselves for the rest of their lives. Fears depend on the type of people. So let’s say once when you were small you almost drowned, and now you are  terrified and NEVER go into the water. Some people are strong enough to OVERCOME their fear but this is very hard and you need to be willing to step out of your comfort zone. And other people might keep this inside of the and let it dwell into their heads that they are scared, and for example, that if they go into the water they will drown and die. Nobody will save them, and that’s what happens to most people. 

I have a fear that robbers and bandits will come to my house and rob and kill me. Sound crazy right? But not to me. Even though we lock our doors EVERY night, and we have security guards on our territory and 16 different cameras watching out place, I still can’t sleep. I wake up when one tiny sound goes in the night!  But my other friends had the same fear but they were over it very quickly!This is why I do not agree that all people share the same fears.
Kristina Beradze Anticipation Guide 

Tell a tale-heart  

People who are mentally ill are always aware of their sickness... 

I truly agree that people know they are mentally ill because they might see themselves in the mirror or a doctor might tell them they are ill. Probably they could feel their illness and they would realise they are ill because people that have anorexia will see and feel it but crazy people might oftenlly figure out they aren't crazy they might think they are but they aren't so I think agree and gisagree but mostly agree so people can know they are mentally ill and some can't. some people are born mentally ill and they would not know until someone tells them. Some people know they are mentally ill but they don't want to belive it.     

Monday, October 15, 2012

Krista TTH Anticipation Guide

“Think I’ll Lose my mind if I don’t find something to pacify”
  -Ozzy Osbourne

I agree that if you can’t solve something, it will drive you crazy.  If you can not finish or fix something, or anything that you leave uncompleted, it will keep on gnawing on you, until - if the feeling is strong enough - it will drive you mad.  

It’s because your mind will focus on this one specific thing you are concentrating on, and it will consume you so wholly that you will start to forget about everything else, sometimes you might even abandon food and drink, or sleep, which is (stating the obvious) bad for you.  

Just take the man in the book, he kept on seeing an eye, and he wanted to kill the old man because of it.  He was already crazy, but he kept on trying to kill the old man, and then when he did it, he felt immensely satisfied.  It's a sick example, but it’s true.  If you have a problem that is driving you mad, and you fix it or solve it, you will feel incredibly relieved and good inside.  

That’s why I think that Ozzy had the right idea, saying he’d lose his mind if he didn’t find something to pacify.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"Tell-tale Heart" Media Critique...

“Tell-Tale Heart”

We will be reading this classic short story in class.

I found two interesting versions on the internet which might help build up our background information prior to reading.

View the following clips of or dealing with the “Tell-Tale Heart”

Obviously the first one is an accurate depiction of Poe’s work as it incorporates a reading of the actual text.

Which media clip do you prefer, why? Which one would best help a reader to understand the actual story? Identify both positives and negatives for each clip.  You will need to express your opinions and observations ORALLY (yes, you must speak [oral language]) on our 6th grade "Tell-tell Heart" Voicethread (see HW page for the link).

Sophia Lopukhin Anticipation Guide

Sophia L Unit 1 Anticipation Guide
“Tell-tale heart”

1) People who are mentally ill are always aware of there sickness?

I definitly disagree becuase each sickness has different symtons. Forinstance Down syndrom people are normal exept it takes them longer for them to learn. But with autism it is differnt they are like in there own world. II do think that people who are mentaly sick think they are normal because some of them are in there own world and they were born like that and to them that is normal. They also cant help it and we also never know because some of them can't talk and they cant express there feelings.  

Haley TTH Anticipation Guide Final Draft "Tell-Tale Heart"

People who are mentally ill are always aware of their sickness.

I disagree! And I think that because some people who have brain damage are also mentally ill but they sometimes aren’t aware of their sickness because  they were never told of the disease or were forgot when they became ill. But at the same time, people can be aware if the disease isn’t as life-threatening as others or they have been told of the illness they are suffering but this doesn’t make them fully unaware. For example, if you say have a serious fracture in your skull and have had it for years but you were only told your skull has only a tiny crack in it, then you are aware that you have a split in their skull but aren’t aware of how big it is... understand? Kids who have brain illnesses aren’t usually told because they are too young and won’t understand, too. In conclusion, I disagree that people who are mentally ill are always aware of their sickness.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tim Gist statement  

There was a man named mr White that lived in an igloo in curse island, he was assigned by Sergant major from London to build and ice factory, but the only problem is that mr White fears penguins and he needed to use penguins as his workers because only penguins can make ice, so he had to face his fears because he was in dispair, HE HAD TO BECOME FRIENDS WITH PENGUINS!!!!!!, so mr White went to the penguin village and all the penguins started beating him with a stick, so then he ran away, but then he noticed that one of the penguins was following him, the penguin looked up at him and said my name is India and then mr White passed out because he never heard a penguin speak before. Mr White woke up in his igloo and India was bringing him tea, she said before you drink this tea make a wish, mr White made the wish and finished the tea and then he fell asleep, he had a dream that there were 97 penguins in his bed hugging him and then he woke up and it was true, now he can now finaly get the factory going. So then he went back to London and he got his reward. THE END 

Kvitka TTH Anticipation Guide Final Draft "Tell-tale Heart"

Agree or Disagree?
I agree with person who said “ We are often our greatest enemies”.
Why? Because. For example: you did something bad, you don’t want to tell anyone about it. Then, somebody discovers it. And who is going to get a punishment? You. It’s your fault. Nobody’s going to help you to get out of this problem. Or, another example: you haven’t done your homework, but you don’t want to tell your teacher about it. You say something like “I didn’t have an Internet connection” or “I forgot my homework at home”. It’s not going to work. Sooner or later, somebody’s going to discover it was a lie, the teacher 
always will. The teacher trusts you, but he thinks that you were not really confident when you were saying it, so he calls your parents, your parents say that YOU said that you didn’t have any homework and that’s how the teacher might discover your lie. See? That’s what I’m talking about. Always. ALWAYS, look after words you are saying, be responsible for what you are doing, be respectful to others, be helpful. When you are doing everything from this list, that is only a start. For example: you wanted to say something to your friend, but the way you said it, accidentally hurt your friend. Having freedom is good, of course, but is it possible to have freedom and be careful with words you are saying? The answer is “yes”. But then, you are always free to tell tell truth, but think about others' feelings before you say something. Use all these rules and you will avoid a lot of troubles in your life.

"Tell-tale Heart" Anticipation Guide

6K Probable Passage Gist Statements "Authors' Readings"

Monday, October 8, 2012

Daniel S. 6l GIST statement

Mr. white had a best friend. He worked as a sergeant-major in the Indian army. His nickname was Monkey’s paw. Mr. White had a wish to see him so he flew from London (where he lived) to India on a really old plane. The plane was shaking really bad so Mr. White was full of fear that the plane would crash. After the flight Mr. White was cursing Indian airlines. He went on a taxi, with full of despair to see his best friend.

Mr. white went bWhen they met, the sergeant-major was talking about how he named himself after the legendary 4,500 year old golden monkey paw. The greedy sergeant-major and Mr.White went out treasure hunting for the monkey paw. They went to a secret cave the sergeant-major found out about two days ago.

The cave was very rough and long, and stalactites were falling, but they made it to the end. On a cracked stone slab there lay the legendary monkey’s paw. Sergeant-major sold it to his friends and him and Mr. white shared the fortune. ack to London and bought a new house and a giant factory.

Old Factory Clip Art

Monkey's Paw by Kvitka Perehinets (Gist Statement)

Monkey’s Paw
So, our story begins in London,England, UK. Mr. White was just a normal British man, like many others. Till one day. He forgot to pay cash for buying some tea at “Harrods”. Men in black were chasing him everywhere. So, he gave up. “We need to talk. You need to come to the factory at midnight. We will see you there” - they said. Mr. White was full of fear of being killed. He had a strong wish - not to show up, but then he thought, they might be chasing him again, so he was waiting till the midnight.
Midnight came, he went to the factory with a feeling of despair of what was about to happen. Men in black came. They needed money. “Glad, you came here. I thought you would be scared.” - one of them laughed. “You need to pay us.You forgot to pay for the tea that you bought in ”Harrods”, two weeks ago.” - they said. Mr. White asked about the price. 250$. It was way too expensive. “Why is it so expensive?” - Mr.White asked. “It is a very unique tea from India.” - they replied. The two men said if he was not going to pay, then they would call “The Boss”. Our main hero asked who that was. It appeared to be Sergeant-Major. He came personally to say who he was. Sergeant-Major was a big man, with a mustache. On his shoulder a monkey was sitting. It had a scary paw, it had a lot of blood on it. Mr. White thought for a second that he was going to remember that scary monkey’s paw for all his life. He paid the money. “Are you going to chase me again, if I accidentally forgot to pay?” - Mr. White asked. “Yes. Everyone must  get their punishment if they need to.” - scary man said.
Everything was okay. They said he could go home. Finally, in the end, he was really nervous.
On the way home. Mr. White was cursing everything that had just happened to him. That was a lesson for his whole life.
                                                       THE END

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Cavad 6k gist statement

There was this agent named mr white. one day sergond major send mr white to one of the factory in london to  defeat the a criminal named india. he went to the factory in london then they fighted and india ran away to india country  mr white look for him for 2 month but he couldn't find him but will in those 2 month india found a macgical thing it would do your wish if you gave it a monkeys paw and some one told it to mr white the thought that he must trap him so when india was going to find monkeys paw he putted a fake monkeys paw bam india was trapped and the world was saved agian because of mr white. THE END  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Veronica Gist Statement

Once in India Mr. White and Sergeant Major were exploring different historical places, once they read a statement about the old Factory that does not work any more and no one ever been there from the time it closed. After when Mr.White and Sergeant Major read that statement they decided to go and visit that place, but they didn't even think of reading the warning sign that said that one worker from the factory left his Monkey’s paw and that man every night is trying to get into the Factory  to get it back. Mr. White and Sergeant Major decided that they will leave their  camp at 6:00 p.m so they were there at 8:30 p.m. They walked into a dark forest, the sky was starting to get darker until in it got completely dark. Mr. White and Sergeant Major kept on looking for the factory without noticing the changes around them.  After a 5 minute walk they came up to a tall ancient building. Then Mr. White heard someone.
- Did you hear that? Mr. White asked Sergeant Major.
- Hear  what? Sergeant Major replied.
- It seems that we are not alone Here.
Suddenly the door to the Factory opened and closed right after they stepped inside. They were trembling with fear as the door shut behind them. Inside the Factory it was all empty and cold, in the middle of the room was something lying on the floor. Mr. White and Sergeant Major slowly came to the center to see what it was, Sergeant Major picked it up and they saw that It was a Monkey Paw. The door opened, Mr. White and Sergeant Major quickly went out of the Factory. But right next to the door was standing the worker, he did not say a word he just tried reach the paw with his hand Mr.White and Sergeant Major did not understand what was going on, they gave the paw back to the worker, and quickly made their way back to the camp. When they arrived back to the camp they packed up and next morning traveled back to London. The next day in London When Sergeant Major and Mr. White woke up in the hotel next to them was lying the monkey paw and on the paw what written: This paw is cursed.  Mr. White and Sergeant Major were in despair and they wished that it would be all over and they would forget about it.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


Once in London lived a zoo keeper named Mr.White he loved animals.But most of all he loved
monkeys. And he had a monkey named Monkeys Paw who before was on a animal testing factory. One lovely morning Mr.White’s friend Sergeant major wanted Mr.White to come with him to India but Mr.White could not leave his monkey alone so he said to the sergeant major I will come but only with Monkey Paw so the major agreed and Mr.White flew to India.They came to India early in the morning .When they came to the hotel and the roof was covered in monkeys they ran so fast to the hotel door.They came in and it was awesome even monkey paw got really exited. The next day they went for a walk and saw a wish river so they threw a coin in it and made a wish.But then a curse came apon them and and with fear they ran back to the hotel they came there and saw that Sergeant major was gone and they had to look for him Monkey paw had really good smell so with despair they ran to find him.