Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tim Gist statement  

There was a man named mr White that lived in an igloo in curse island, he was assigned by Sergant major from London to build and ice factory, but the only problem is that mr White fears penguins and he needed to use penguins as his workers because only penguins can make ice, so he had to face his fears because he was in dispair, HE HAD TO BECOME FRIENDS WITH PENGUINS!!!!!!, so mr White went to the penguin village and all the penguins started beating him with a stick, so then he ran away, but then he noticed that one of the penguins was following him, the penguin looked up at him and said my name is India and then mr White passed out because he never heard a penguin speak before. Mr White woke up in his igloo and India was bringing him tea, she said before you drink this tea make a wish, mr White made the wish and finished the tea and then he fell asleep, he had a dream that there were 97 penguins in his bed hugging him and then he woke up and it was true, now he can now finaly get the factory going. So then he went back to London and he got his reward. THE END 

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