Tuesday, October 2, 2012

About Me Andrew

                                  Ocean City                                                                       ABOUT ME
I am a 11 year old boy whose name is Andrew Luhmann. I live in Kiev Ukraine, just to go to school, and my dad has a job here and a nice apartment, but America is my real home, I was born In Maryland and lived there for around 3 years so far. I have a nice house near  the woods in America. Its a 3 story house includingbasement. I have a Mom, Dad and a baby brother. Their names are, Oksana, Eric and Ryan the

We also have a house in Ocean City Maryland, a place where you will find all the tourists coming to look around. There we have a HUGE house, it is 4 stories high and a tv on every floor. We often go outside in Ocean City, but not much back at the place near the woods because it gets really hot there. Around 100 fahrenheit!

My favorite foods are macaroni, chicken and pizza. Why are these my favorite foods? because they are the perfect match of different ingredients to make the perfect food. They are well made easy and very tasty. Sometimes I order chicken at different kind of pubs, I order pizza at places where I watch football games with my dad, and macaroni for fancy nights out with guests or my family.

Some of my favorite things in the world would be roller coasters, English A, America, Ukraine, the Ocean and many many more. The reason I like these is because 1# I love my home countries, I love swimming and who cannot like roller coasters?

Am I right?
Am I?
ok :(

That is pretty much it about me I am an average kid like everyone else, i like to talk and play with other people, and be social! I like videogames  and a lot of other technological stuff. END.

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