Sunday, October 7, 2012

Veronica Gist Statement

Once in India Mr. White and Sergeant Major were exploring different historical places, once they read a statement about the old Factory that does not work any more and no one ever been there from the time it closed. After when Mr.White and Sergeant Major read that statement they decided to go and visit that place, but they didn't even think of reading the warning sign that said that one worker from the factory left his Monkey’s paw and that man every night is trying to get into the Factory  to get it back. Mr. White and Sergeant Major decided that they will leave their  camp at 6:00 p.m so they were there at 8:30 p.m. They walked into a dark forest, the sky was starting to get darker until in it got completely dark. Mr. White and Sergeant Major kept on looking for the factory without noticing the changes around them.  After a 5 minute walk they came up to a tall ancient building. Then Mr. White heard someone.
- Did you hear that? Mr. White asked Sergeant Major.
- Hear  what? Sergeant Major replied.
- It seems that we are not alone Here.
Suddenly the door to the Factory opened and closed right after they stepped inside. They were trembling with fear as the door shut behind them. Inside the Factory it was all empty and cold, in the middle of the room was something lying on the floor. Mr. White and Sergeant Major slowly came to the center to see what it was, Sergeant Major picked it up and they saw that It was a Monkey Paw. The door opened, Mr. White and Sergeant Major quickly went out of the Factory. But right next to the door was standing the worker, he did not say a word he just tried reach the paw with his hand Mr.White and Sergeant Major did not understand what was going on, they gave the paw back to the worker, and quickly made their way back to the camp. When they arrived back to the camp they packed up and next morning traveled back to London. The next day in London When Sergeant Major and Mr. White woke up in the hotel next to them was lying the monkey paw and on the paw what written: This paw is cursed.  Mr. White and Sergeant Major were in despair and they wished that it would be all over and they would forget about it.

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