Tuesday, October 2, 2012

About me   


I was born in Ukraine in kiev in may 28 2000 in my live I had not lived
anywhere but Ukraine kiev.


In my family there is my dad   my mom Julia and my brother Andrew also we have two bunnies Bonny and Clide.


I know three languages : English,Russian and ukrainian my native language is Russian I play tennis for about 8-9 years I learn piano for about 3 years now I started to learn self defence.


I real like diving I was on maldives when they allowed to dive and after the first try I understood that I like it very much so I went on till the end of the holidays but there were two options dive just for fun or get license
and I decided to get license it was  very hard just pretend that most of your holiday nights you spend reading books about diving not very but it was cool and I now have diving license,
I also like music and cars this summer I road the first car in my life and it was world war two jeep.    By Alexey Mitropolskiy

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