Saturday, October 6, 2012

Krista M. 6K Gist Statement

My Gist Statement

Once, there was a very rich man named Mr. White.  He owned a factory in Monkey’s Paw, London.  One of the factory workers was a very poor little girl named India.  Her father, the Sergeant Major, had abandoned her when she was a baby, and her mother had died three years ago leaving her poor and homeless.  It took her a year to finally work up the courage to start working at the cursed factory.  That meant a year of starvation.  The legend went there was a young girl named India - her namesake (her father had had a flare for picking brilliant names...India’s half-brother was named Danger) - had made a wish that she would never feel despair or fear worked, but not in the way she wanted.  The only way anyone could never feel despair or fear is if they do not exist.  So she was turned into a pile of sweet smelling roses, right in the middle of the factory, and never felt anything again.  At least, that’s how the story went. India didn’t believe it, because there was no one to make the wish to.  It didn’t make her any less freaked out...because there was another story about their creepy boss, Mr. White...But that’s another story...

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