Friday, October 19, 2012

Agree or disagree?

1) People who are mentally ill are always aware of there sickness

I definitly dissagree because so many different sickenesses have different symtoms and most of them you cant control. Alot of them are not that bad of sicknesses but there are some that are really dangerouse and the people who have it might not know for example the person in tell tale heart he didn't really know that he was sick and he was trying to prove to us that he was not .But to some sicknesses there are many cures and you can get rid of it eventualy. Like cancer and many more things. But it is very improtant to remember that even thought you have a sickness we do need to treat everyone equelly because they are human beings . and also remeber in about a million years or whenever there is a genius we will have tools and medicine to cure up the sicknesses also people are going to the hospital sick and coming back cured That is why I strongly belive that people who are mentaly sick are not aware of it.

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