Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Eva Anticipation Guide

I disagree that all humans share the same fears. Why?

In my opinion, fears don’t just appear out of nowhere, something needs to happen for there to be fear. For example, if when you were small, you were bitten by large, stray dogs, you might be terribly scared and have a phobia of dogs. These fears or phobias might slowly dissolve, but some leave people mentally feared for the rest of their lives, like a scar. 

Also, some people might start of with the same fears, but some might leave them behind and some might keep them to themselves for the rest of their lives. Fears depend on the type of people. So let’s say once when you were small you almost drowned, and now you are  terrified and NEVER go into the water. Some people are strong enough to OVERCOME their fear but this is very hard and you need to be willing to step out of your comfort zone. And other people might keep this inside of the and let it dwell into their heads that they are scared, and for example, that if they go into the water they will drown and die. Nobody will save them, and that’s what happens to most people. 

I have a fear that robbers and bandits will come to my house and rob and kill me. Sound crazy right? But not to me. Even though we lock our doors EVERY night, and we have security guards on our territory and 16 different cameras watching out place, I still can’t sleep. I wake up when one tiny sound goes in the night!  But my other friends had the same fear but they were over it very quickly!This is why I do not agree that all people share the same fears.

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