Saturday, October 6, 2012


Once in London lived a zoo keeper named Mr.White he loved animals.But most of all he loved
monkeys. And he had a monkey named Monkeys Paw who before was on a animal testing factory. One lovely morning Mr.White’s friend Sergeant major wanted Mr.White to come with him to India but Mr.White could not leave his monkey alone so he said to the sergeant major I will come but only with Monkey Paw so the major agreed and Mr.White flew to India.They came to India early in the morning .When they came to the hotel and the roof was covered in monkeys they ran so fast to the hotel door.They came in and it was awesome even monkey paw got really exited. The next day they went for a walk and saw a wish river so they threw a coin in it and made a wish.But then a curse came apon them and and with fear they ran back to the hotel they came there and saw that Sergeant major was gone and they had to look for him Monkey paw had really good smell so with despair they ran to find him.   

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