Thursday, October 18, 2012

Agree & Disagree by: Kristian Pedersen

If you are guilty of a major crime you will be eventually caught

I strongly agree, because when you commit a crime its really bad and someday you are gonna be caught anyway. Police sooner or later is going to find evidence and arrest you. Even if they don't find clues immediately, they are gonna invite Sherlock Holmes, and he will definitely find out about the crime. So it’s better not to do any crime at all!!!!! But most of all, after the crime inside yourself you will feel your conscience, and it’s gonna reap you to pieces, and someday you will give up. Why are people committing crimes? THey are lazy, instead of working they steal money and kill, kill, kill! It would be much better without crimes. Less people would die and everyone would be happy. Even if you do a crime someday people are going to find out and you're going to get in lots of trouble. I also researched that some people kill others being drunk or using the drugs. People are committing crimes if their girlfriend/boyfriend broke up and they do terrible things like suicide. Also when a person is surrounded by criminals, he most likely becomes a criminal too. If a person once makes a poor choice, it’s going to influence his whole life.

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