Tuesday, October 16, 2012

1) People who are mentally ill are always aware of their sickness.

I disagree as people may be so ill their mind will be very foggy and they will forget everything.

2) It is normal to hear things that are not their.

I disagree.Usually hearing not reall stuff is a first sign of craziness.For example the man in the story “Tall-tale Heart” was actually smart but crazzy.

3)If you are guilty of a major crime you will be eventually caught

I agree. If it is something truly very very terrible it is impossible to lie about it or if you are a very good lier  bad things show up and when you say no I did not do this they will now it is a lie.

4) All humans share the same fears.

I disagree. All people are different. For example I am not scared of yucky stuff but I am scared of height. And my sister is scared of yucky stuff but is not scared of height

5) We are often our greatest enemies

I disagree. If a person is not mentally ill he isn't his biggest animes or then most of the people would commit suicide which I know a lot about.

6) If there is something you really need to take care of something and you can't it will slowly eat away at you.

I agree. If you can't work on something very important it will cause big problems. For example if you are going away for something really important in work time you will have very big problems if you don't do the business their.

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