Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Life...

I am Chrystyna. I’m from Kyiv, Ukraine.  I have been going to PSI for seven years.  Before PSI, I went to a French kindergarden and I knew French better. Now I’m going to PSI where I learned English and forgot every word of French!  

I am 11 years old. My birthday is on November 14, and I was born in 2000. My favorite color is light blue. I love dippin-dots ice cream. My second favorite ice cream is lemon. I like lemonade, too. I also like making banana milk shakes with my friend Beatrice, because she was with me when we first made a banana milk shake.

My favorite class in school is D.T and Drama. I also like P.E.

My favorite animal is the dolphin. I have lots of fish, a cat named Angelina, 2 chincillas, 5 dogs including a Maltese (about which you will read later...) I also like music, dancing, singing, drawing and biking.  I take bandura and piano lessons, and on Saturdays I have art class.  I also started playing soccer this year.

I have a sister Sophia, a brother Taras, my mom and dad (Katya and Victor).  I have an older brother Andriy and sister Lina who are already married and living with their families.  My grandma passed away on the the last day of September.  This was the birthday of my music teacher, and when my grandma died she felt sorry.

My family travels a lot.  I have visited such countries as Italy, Myanmar, Tanzania, America, England, Scotland, France and other places.  I especially liked eating pizza margarita in Italy and going to beaches.  On the beach in Zanzibar, I picked bags and bags of shells.

My whole life I wanted a dog and finally got one, a Pomeranian, or Spitz. I named him Rudy because in Ukrainian it is a light brown creamy color which he was. His birthday is on my moms birthday, which is September 1.  But he got sick and ran away... That’s when I got a new dog which was a Maltese. I named her Annabell because it sounds British and many other reasons. She was born on September 28. She has a white coat, and she barks every time someone comes in!  And if she does not know who’s the person who came in she will continue barking!...

I have a toy dog that looks exactly like my real dog “Annabell”, and named him Buddy, my sister preferred something else but I still  wanted the name Buddy. I take him places when I leave somewhere to remind my of my real dog “Annabell” who stays home and who is cared for by a friend and waiting for the day my family or I will come back. And even if any of us go somewhere for example school then she will be waiting on the stairs for us.

My family will soon move to a new house and I will have my own room.  I plan to decorate it in a beach, sea and shells theme.  

My favorite class in school is D.T and Drama.


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