Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Boout me... Dominik.

I was born in Warsaw and the first doctors opinion about me were that he have never seen such big baby feet in his whole career. People say that if someone have big feet he will be very high and I am a good example of it, right now my feet are bigger than my mom’s.
Sometimes I tend to say things that should rather not be said.When I was 5 and my parents were trying to sell a house I told the customers that he neighbours were listening to very loud music so you can’t sleep at night. You probably know if we did sell the house or not to them. 2. 5 years ago me and my family moved to Kiev. Today I know 2 languages: Polish and English, I can also speak a little bit of Russian and German.
I have a younger sister that is 9 her name is Marianka, at home we speak Polish.

I am not very keen on sport but I like to watch the summer Olympic games and european football championship. My favourite football team is the Swedish national team.
I like to watch football but I like to play only n defender position.
I like to sail, to fly an airplane on a flight simulator and I like to do archery.
My favourite vacation were in Poland this year, at a lake near Poznań there I was sailing on a boat called MAK.
My 3 favorite companies they are: Microsoft, Nokia and Boeing.
When I will grow up I hope to be a pilot so I need to improve my English.
I like Eastern food especially rice and fish,
I also like classical music,jazz and opera music. My favourite composers are: Antonio Vivaldi, Laszek Możdżer, Richard Wagner, Fryderyk Chopin and Johann Sebastian Bach.
I like to study geography and ancient history.
I am playing a strategy game called Rome Total War and it teaches me the geography and history of the ancient world there is also an advisor who tells me about the different military units from that time.
My favourite season was winter but now it is autumn especially with the weather like the one today.


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