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Friendships with people of the opposite gender are

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I agree,
I think that friends with the same gender can get along well and easy to find. Therefor it is not as deep. So it is rare for 2 people of opposite gender being friends. Because it is rare, it usually last longer. I think that opposite gender people can get along better than the same gender. Because if it’s an opposite gender then it means girl and boy and girls can’t fight like boys, and boy can’t fight like girls so they don’t fight at all. This makes their friendship last long and it makes it safe because friend with the same gender often get in fight which becomes the end of their relationship. From my experience I had times when I found opposite gender friends than the same. It was last summer when I went every day to a sports camp for 3 weeks and there I first found 3 opposite gender friends than 1 same. Also opposite gender friends can start to like each other even more (love) which leads to them getting deeper relationships. I think that love is really really deep friendship. This allows them to be even closer in their relationship. Because friends know each other than the opposite gender doesn’t change anything. Therefor if they get into deeper relationship it will be strong and stabled because they were really good friends. My opinion is that opposite gender friends have stronger friendship than the same gender.
Thank you
By: Eszti

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Friendships with people that are different are stronger
I think it is better to be friends with personalities that are different than you. Then it is much more interesting to talk together and hang out together so you can learn new things. With friends that are like you it is much more different. You will always speak about the same things. And it will get boring. So I think that being friends with people that are much different than you is much more interesting and exciting than being friends with people that are like you.

Daniel Josfson
5) Friendships with people of the opposite gender are stronger. Agree. Same-gender friends develop easier. You could easily share more information if two people are the same gender. Therefore, people think that the friendship is stronger as well. Not until the people who disagree get into a friendship like this. It is more difficult to become friends with the opposite gender, but it is more difficult to accept a broken friendship like that. People realize how hard it was to obtain a friendship with the opposite gender, so losing it would make the person feel ‘empty’ Losing a friend that is hard to obtain is more painful than losing a friend you became friends with in a few days. In my own experience, I spent nearly a whole school year becoming friends with every guy in the grade just to feel more welcome in my school. Becoming friends with all the girls was a one month deal. Then it happened that my best friends were the boys, and when I left I missed them more than the girls. Why? Letting go of a long-time friendship is more painful then leaving a friend that is similar to you, in gender and personality.

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Friendships with people of the opposite gender are stronger
I disagree with this statement because I think friendships between opposite genders are not so tight as between people of the same gender.  One of the arguments I will give you is that some people are not confident in sharing different information with other gender. For example, discussing who won the match, your own life, whom do you spend most of the time with, whom do you like, why do you hate him or her. Also good friendship between people is made out of same interests. Mostly, boys and girls have different interests. For example, when boys are small they like to play with cars and girls like to play with dolls and as older they get then more interests spread out/get different. Not only same interests have to match but also friends need to have same views on their life, different stuff etc. That means that they have different hobbies/entertainments. We can imagine the situation when girls like shopping, listen to the pop music, more interested in fashion and when boys like carting, electronic devices, horror movies, rep or rock and roll music and when they spend time together it’s pretty hard to find the same staff they like both and do it. Sports are also important stuff for boys. Girls can’t play football, basketball… at the same level as boys and when girls are much better in drama, music… and when some of them would like to do one of that staff they can’t do it because that would not be interesting for them to do it together. That’s why I think it’s better to make friends of the same gender as you are.


Anja Friends with similarities and differences

The best friends you will have are individuals who are both similar to you and have very different qualities as well. I agree because best friends (or just friends) always have some similarities to each other, they hey are also different in many ways. And that is good because if you have nothing in common, after a while, the friends can start to misunderstand each other and become 'enemies'. That might cause unneeded violence and bring them even more apart. But, if the friends are too similar, after a while they get bored of each other and start to fight over everything, as even the most similar, have something that is different. That might become such a problem that they would get annoyed of each other and fight. Adding to that, if people are similar, it can be possible that they have some bad habits, which hey might both only realize the other has, and not them themselves. When people are a bit similar and a bit similar to the other they get along really well, as a bit of both adds up and makes a rather stable friendship.

The best friends you will have are individuals who are both similar to you and have very different qualities as well.

I would agree with this statement because I think it is very good to have someone who can understand in your hard and good times, and teaches you something that you may have not known before. At the same time similarities in your best friend have both upside and downside. The upside is that the similarities usually allow you and your best friend to enjoy time together and be in agreement on many things. However, the downside may be that if your friend would be completely the same soon he will become boring and even annoying to deal with. Sometimes it is funny to get into a friendly argument because of different opinions, but if your best friend is so similar that you have the same opinions then the chance of an argument is very low. Sharing different experience and learning from each other is also great part of being different. On the contrary, having very similar experience and not having much to exchange with each other may be quite dull. Even if it is the best friendship at the beginning, it probably will not last very long. In my opinion, it is good to have both similarities and differences in your friend. The similarities make it easier to find a compromise and understand each other feelings and thoughts while the differences make it fun getting together and let you learn from each other experience.

Anticipation Bridge to Terabithia 250 word paragraph

​Friendships with people of the opposite gender are stronger. I disagree because people with different genders can't be friends because they have different interests and they have nothing to talk about together. There are a lot of unisex things that people with different genders can talk about, but boys and girls are interested in different things. For example, younger girls like princesses and younger boys like cars and planes. So they can't be better friends that they are with kids with the same gender with them. Also another example is that older children like children our age have different interests either. Girls talk about boys, and boys talk about different stuff than girls (I don't know what, because, obviously, I'm not a boy). For example, when 2 girls go to shopping, they are going to the same shops with their friends, and if a girl and a boy go shopping together, they will have to wait for each other for a really long time. Also when two girls go to the cinema together, they have the same interests in movies and they are actually watching the movie, and when a girl and a boy go to the movie, they choose a random movie and they end up kissing in the end. Also we should not forget about the sleepovers. When two girls have a sleepover, that's normal, but when a girl and a boy have a sleepover together, then that's... Ummm... Not really normal because they should always be afraid of his or her friend because he/she can see him/her showering. Also a boy and a girl who are best friends can end up with a relationship going on between them. So as you can see, friendships with people of the opposite gender are not stronger.

The Bridge to Terabithia Anticipation guide M

I agree that your best friends are ones that are very different from you but very alike you. You have lots of troubles with people who are very opposite from you, because you can't ever find an agreement, and people that are the same as you are boring, because you know what to expect, and you both find each other boring. If you are different in some ways and the same in the other, and if you are like that with your friend, you will find that you will be much better friends with that person than someone you are a lot like or very different. With a friend, you want to be able to guess what they are saying a little bit of the time, but not have any clue most of the time. An example of 2 people being friends who are different but very alike is Eszti and I. We both are from different places, and we both like different things, but we both enjoy Art, and we both enjoy music, and we both like a lot of things that the other one likes. Another example of this is in my last school their was a boy and a girl that were really good friends. They had different qualities, like one of them is boy and the other a girl, but they had similar qualities like they both loved Harry Potter, and other books by JK Rowling. That is why I think that the best friends you have are ones that are very different but have similar qualities as well.

Liza Agree or Disagree

Agree or Disagree??

1) You can do some bad things and still be a good person.
I disagree because the god judges us, and if he sees that we do bad things he might punish us, and if he punishes us that means we did something wrong which is bad.
2) Taking revenge is never justifiable.
I disagree because if a person keeps doing mean things, and he doesn’t understand if you just tell him, you should probably teach him a lesson by paying back because you have an alibi.
3) It is not socially appropriate for men to show physical or emotional weakness.
I disagree because we are all people and we all have the right to be scared, or sad. I would say that men shouldn’t sob in front of others because that shows their weakness, but they can on their own but again, someone should also be there with them because sometimes it’s just too painful.
4) The best friends you will have are individuals who are both similar to you and have very different qualities as well.
I disagree because you can have soulmates that may have different interests but they can still be friendly and supporting. Even if you don’t always like or dislike same things, you still may have subjects to talk about and they still might understand you.

5) Friendships with people of the opposite gender are stronger. I disagree, because it depends on the person, like if there is warmth between you. Like if you have subjects that you both can talk about or that person if just not care less for you than he is a good friend, and doesn’t matter boy or girl. Or it can be so that a girl can talk to a boy friend about same things she talks about with her girlfriends. For sure, there might be things girls talk about only with girls and boys talk about only to boys but still, you can just be opened to a person even opposite gender. If you can trust this person, than you are close friends, no matter if you are a girl or a boy.

6) Friends can be more important than family.
I agree because some people’s families have negative emotions between each other, and that makes people to dislike their family and prefer being with their friends more. It depends on the relationship of family members.

By: Lyz
4) agree- Because a friend can only get your feeling when he/she are a bit similar to each other.With being a bit a like each other they can get each other’s point of view and understanding.If you have a friend like you then you would find it discomfiting and annoying.Someone who is totally different from you can be strange for you to understand so that leads to not being friends with that person.A friend who is like you, can be a thing to be mad why?because with the same person you lose your own unique personality . In some point of the friendship with someone like you can make you lose your interests in thing/subjects for example your thing to do is Graffiti because you are really good at making them and no one else can make it like you do.On the other side you friend with similar interests has the same interest Graffiti and she is really good at it too.Seeing that can make you lose interest in Graffiti and also can cause problems . Friendship with person who is different then you causes fights and misunderstanding why? because there are things you totally don’t understand because of you not understanding can cause misunderstandings.A person who is different can never be a good friend cause you both will never get each other.A friend like you can never be a good friend too because you are just too similar.When you are a bit a like at least able to understand their feelings and really know.Also having different talents helps you to compare things.You can share your experiences with each other these ‘qualities’ in a friend lead to a good friendship.

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Friends can be more important than family.

Friends can't be more important than family because family will always help you and be always with you when you need it because friends may sometimes not help you and not understand you as your family. Family always helps you when you need when you have troubles or if you did a mistake your family can help you with your mistake. Family will never even think about doing something bad for you but friends may sometimes joke at you and make fun of you. Family is important.

Friends are also important because friends can help you at school, when you have any trouble they will also help you and they also will understand you and they will try to help you some how but still they are not so good as a family but still they will understand you and help you if you need to. Sometimes friends may not understand or just not see if you are feeling bad but still they will try to do everything to help you to fell a lot better. Friends will help.

I also think that they are both important friends and family.
It is better to have a lot of friends and a lot of family members because then you will have a lot of people to talk to and to tell important things or just TALK. It is important to have both family and friends because then you will have a lot of people to have fun and to just be with. I think they are both important.

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You can do bad things but still be a good person.
I agree because everybody in the world has already done something bad. No one is perfect. If I would say that if you do bad things, you are a bad person then that would mean that the entire world is evil and everyone is bad. Everybody has done something bad in their life. It doesn’t matter if you hurt someone’s feelings or bullied someone. Just because of that people can’t say that you are a bad person for the rest of their lives. I have already done a lot of stupid and bad things but I am still a good person. During school you might not know it but you do a lot of mean and bad things. But does that make you a bad person? Just because of some mistakes you can’t be called bad. If you disagree to this statement you are even calling yourself bad and not only you, but every human that lives on this planet because no one is perfect. My and your entire family would be considered ‘bad’ if you think that because you do bad things, you become a bad person with a bad personality. All of the presidents and leaders have already done bad things. But do people see them as bad people for what they did in their past? Some people don’t like the rulers and president s but that is not because they did bad things, it is because of their opinions. People can still be good even though they did bad things.


5) Friendships of opposite genders are stronger. ( D)
  • I Disagree because your same gender friends friendship is much stronger because this people are people who you usally feel cormftable talking, sharing ideas. When ever you are with friendship with a girl you kind of try to show your self better then you are. When you are with friends you are the one you are and they treat you how you are. You will try to be different and act different when your with girls but with your same gender you wont because its just people that dont care if your cool and stuff they just think your a friend and you will feel cormftable because they will never care.

Friends are more importand then family members.

I disagree,because family members will be with you no matter what you do.However if you do something horrible to a friend,he may not be so friendly to you after all. But don't forget the fact that there are different people and different personalities!

If you have a friend that is:Fun,helpful,kind,smart etc,you will try not to do anything bad to him. However if you by "accident" do something not required for good friendship,for example:"Not come to his/her birthday party because you had A LOT of homework" He/She may be really sad after that.But He/She still will be your friend because He/She is smart.However if you will have a great fight ,because you thought that He/She didn't spend much time with you,but with others!There is not so many chances that He/She will still be your friend.

However family members will always be with you and support you.If you take for example your parents,remind yourself that they were the ones who brought you on earth,that they bought clothes,toys,food,technology etc for you,that they were the ones who didn't let you do something dangerous (because they didn't want you to get hurt).You can also remind yourself that if your parents weren't good to you,you wouldn't go to such an AMAZING school and you wouldn't meet your friends.

Now when you have read all these paragraphs I hope you understand that although your friends are AWESOME,your family members are more important!Never forget,family members:1# place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Written by:Solomiya Matsala!

5) Friendships of opposite genders are stronger.
I disagree because if you are best friends(BFF’s) with a boy, then, you can’t have so many things in common, and you cannot have fun sleepovers, gossip about things. You sure can have a great friendship, but it will never be stronger than if you have the same friendship with the same gender as you.
Imagine, your BFF being of the opposite gender than you. Do you think your friendship would be the same? Obviously not, because you don’t pass through the same problems, you maybe aren’t interested in the same things, same sports, same people. You are closer to a friend if you like some of the same things, if you have the same problems. When something different happens in your life, for example if you are a girl and your BFF is a boy, then, if your BFF has a problem, and you have never passed through that problem, you cannot help them, give them advices. This is an exception in some cases, if you have an older brother, he might help your BFF (of the opposite gender), but as I said earlier, it only happens in rare cases.

Friends can be more important than family...

6) Friends can be more important than family.

I agree, there are many reasons to support this. Some of these are: friends are chosen, they understand you and they are always there for you. This is only true when you have chosen well in your friendship which may not always be the case.

Although family can often be more important than friends, it is possible for friends to be more important than family. In different stages of life different people matter. For example when you are a baby your family are more important as they look after you and you have not had a chance to establish a good friendship over that short period of time, whereas when you are a teenager, your family are often not as important as they used to be. Generally at this stage of life, being with people who are similar in age and opinions has much greater importance than spending time with family. Family is often taken for granted.

Your family is not chosen, whereas friends are. This gives them an advantage compared to your family, as friends are usually your type and it may be the case that your family is not. Sometimes your family may not understand you because they are going through different stages in life and may have forgotten what it was like at your age.

I have suggested that friends can be more important than family but this is not the case for everyone, as individuals we have different opinions and different ways of looking at the world.

AgReE OR DiSaGrEe?

Family is more important than friends

 I agree and disagree, It really depends on the kind of family and friends......Can you trust your friends? Is your family respectful to you? From my point of view before you make a decision you have to ask yourself those questions. Many families are caring thoughtful and respectful to their children. In hard times you believe that family does not matter, in the times like your parents shouted at you for no reason   (from your point of view). In those times you think “I hate my family!”, “I rather be with my friends”. But there are other time when your friends ignore you, turn down on you, lie cheat in a way that makes you feel rejected inside. In these situations you feel like going home or hugging someone. There are friends that you will never forget, but there are some that you do not even remember. You might fight with your friends and loose them, but you will never loose your family. It is highly important to treat your family members with respect, but remember that they will always love you and never forget you. Many of used to cuddle under our parents arm and feel really safe when we were young, as time passes we get into that age when we do not trust our family, and we think they care about us too much. However when we become adults we have our own life which our parents are not involved in. We all start to miss them, but there are always our friends with us. It is important 
you make the right choice, but you have to remember that you have only one family but dozens of friends.
Lyndie C (2009). Family and friends.jpg
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Agree or Disagree

Friends can be more important than family.

I Agree and Disagree… it depends how your friends and family are. If you can trust them, or not. If they are nice to you or not.
You can't compare family & friends. Each have their own importance. Family are there always to support you any time in any problem and friends are more important for growth of a person.
Family to most of the people, are way more important than friends. Friends you can lose, family you can't. They will always be related to you. friends are the ones to stick with. If you have a true friend, one who has been there with and for you, for years and years, nothing can replace them, neither your family. It is true that not all families are the same by giving support and being understanding no matter what happens to you. In the end as they say, friends come and go while your family will always be your family, no matter what. Even if you argue and never speak to each other for the rest of your life, you cannot change that face. You can't pick your family. I think sometimes people who don't have parents, who don't care about them, wish they could pick their perfect family. But you can pick your friends based on your own needs. So you never know what’s best for you. Your life is like a box with candy and you don't know how they taste, so you pick what ever. Sometimes it is the right decision but not always…

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The best friends you will have are individuals who are both similar to you and have very different qualities as well.

I agree because no one is exactly the same as you and if there was then personally i would find it disturbing. Also if someone was completely different to you, you wouldn’t be friends. This means that people you like will be similar and different to you at the same time. If you had a friend that always did the same things as you and had the same experiences then you would have nothing to talk about or compare. It would start to be annoying because you would be all ways be told of for copying each other when it’s just your exactly the same.

If someone was completely different to you then you would always argue and fight because you have completely different opinions. You wouldn't work well together and during sports you would always be put on different teams and never co-operate and hate each other. You would make fun of them for there differences and that will get you down and make you depressed.

The fact is that anyone that’s either completely different or exactly the same will not be your best friend. From personal experience i don’t really like people that are completely different or the same. But that is only my opinion.