Friday, October 5, 2012

In the search of Monkey Paw by Emil

Once in London there lived a person Mr White. He was archeologist. He always wanted to go to africa to see gigantic monkey called a glubagonious monkey. He wanted to see her because there was a legend that this monkey had a paw thats weighs as much as 2 of her body. Time was going and then he earned enough money to find people that will be at his team and go to africa to find this glubagonious monkey only because of her paw. He understood that it won’t be easy cause in the wildness there were only 13 glubagonious monkeys. When he looked for people that will like to go with him he thought of Sergeant-Major and scientist from India Bob. Mr White called this operation In search of Monkey Paw. The day before flight to africa Mr White watched news on tv and there was said that really, really rare glubagonious monkey was hunted of, Mr White was really said but time was going and he forgot about this monkey.
The End

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