Monday, October 1, 2012

             About me
My name is Ievgenii.I was born in Kiev.I Am 12 years old.I like video games. Also I like sports like football and swimming.I am studying in psi two months then i will move to london and live there for a year,i like London because london its popular city in the world,and there are lots of new electronic devices it has nice food.I like to travel

I like to listen music.I have three favorite groups Green day,red hot chili peppers,white stripes.
I love to listen rock and to go on concerts. Also i love action movies Expendables 2,iron man,28 weeks later and popular cartoons like family guy,simpsons.

About videogames i like to play minecraft,gta 4,saints row 3,and other.I think its funny to kill someone in video game or create a cow farm in minecraft and grow cows get a meat cook it and eat.I like to read about video games and know more then test it by your own and understand how to do it and share it with someone.

I like to draw something in my notebook and later open notebook and see what I drawn.I like to make a sketch from video game character like i did on DT i draw creeper from minecraft by one of possibilities of jigsaw puzzle.

I have family of sister,father,mother and pets one dog,8 fishes,2 turtles.I had three dogs one was 14 years old when she died other dog was one year old she died because of congenital disease and other is still alive,I have more than 20 fishes died and no turtles died two of them are alive.

I like to watch tv to know about news and to watch movies and have nice mood.I like to read news in the internet i like to do everything in the internet,I don't want to talk about the internet anymore:)

I like to travel i was in UK,USA,EUROPE,ASIA,in the most part of the world.So i like to travel to other countries too.This was information what I like.
Ievgenii Voronov

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