Monday, October 8, 2012

Daniel S. 6l GIST statement

Mr. white had a best friend. He worked as a sergeant-major in the Indian army. His nickname was Monkey’s paw. Mr. White had a wish to see him so he flew from London (where he lived) to India on a really old plane. The plane was shaking really bad so Mr. White was full of fear that the plane would crash. After the flight Mr. White was cursing Indian airlines. He went on a taxi, with full of despair to see his best friend.

Mr. white went bWhen they met, the sergeant-major was talking about how he named himself after the legendary 4,500 year old golden monkey paw. The greedy sergeant-major and Mr.White went out treasure hunting for the monkey paw. They went to a secret cave the sergeant-major found out about two days ago.

The cave was very rough and long, and stalactites were falling, but they made it to the end. On a cracked stone slab there lay the legendary monkey’s paw. Sergeant-major sold it to his friends and him and Mr. white shared the fortune. ack to London and bought a new house and a giant factory.

Old Factory Clip Art

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