Tuesday, October 2, 2012


  About Me   

Once on the 30th of May a girl named Sofia was born. Now I am 11.
I have a brother Anatoliy, a mom Svetlana, a dad Ruslan, and two grandmas one is Ludmila and another  is Sofia. 
   I love horse riding and I have my own horse named Nabat. I love spending time with him at the weekends, and when ever I can go visit him I always do. I like animals and I have quit a bit of them. I have a small dog named Jimmy and his breed is a Bishon Frise, two German Shepards and two cats Milka and Markiz. 

Also I love swimming, my favorite places to swim are Black Sea in Yalta and the Indian ocean . I take singing, dancing and piano lessons.
   My godmother is a famous fashion designer, I spend a lot of time with her that's why ever since I was a baby I had fashion brought up to me from her and my mom. 
   Lately I got interested in oil painting, I wish I will have time to have lessons with a professional artist.

   I love decorating the house with real flowers, one of my favorite is hydrangeas.
   I hope that's not the end...............

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