Monday, October 1, 2012

About me

Hi my name is Sophia I was born on Febuary 26 2001 in Russia! I am Half American and this is the second place I have lived in. Before I lived in Moscow and I did really enjoy it. Now about me!

My family is so importnat to me I do have a really small family which is just me and my mom. But in my extended family I have 130 family members. In my family I do have one special person who means the world to me my grandfather. He is just so nice so loving and I am so thankful that I have him in my life. I also have one really special cousin and his name is Alexei he is autistic and epeleptic and I do have a really tight relationship with him.

Traveling also has bin part of growing up. We always travel a lot and I have bin to most of the places around the world. And it is a good time to explore peoples religons and explore there culture and I love to learn new things about people! The place that was coolest was Paris And many other places! It was really cool to see that my grandmother actully was there and born there!

Sports come in a big part of my life. I have always came in the active little girl in the family. I love anything that relates to sports. My favorite sport is gymnastics and I really love dance as well. I am also a fish when it comes to swimming! And I can never sit still if I have to sit still I will either be moving my toes or shaking my leg!

I have 2 cats there names are Metro and Kashka and I love them dearly Metro is the active one and always wanted to be high up and kashka is the quiet one and down to earth but my overall favorite animal is a cat because they are so cute and really fun to be with and some of them are active!

Thank You for reading hope you learned something new about me!

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