Monday, October 8, 2012

Monkey's Paw by Kvitka Perehinets (Gist Statement)

Monkey’s Paw
So, our story begins in London,England, UK. Mr. White was just a normal British man, like many others. Till one day. He forgot to pay cash for buying some tea at “Harrods”. Men in black were chasing him everywhere. So, he gave up. “We need to talk. You need to come to the factory at midnight. We will see you there” - they said. Mr. White was full of fear of being killed. He had a strong wish - not to show up, but then he thought, they might be chasing him again, so he was waiting till the midnight.
Midnight came, he went to the factory with a feeling of despair of what was about to happen. Men in black came. They needed money. “Glad, you came here. I thought you would be scared.” - one of them laughed. “You need to pay us.You forgot to pay for the tea that you bought in ”Harrods”, two weeks ago.” - they said. Mr. White asked about the price. 250$. It was way too expensive. “Why is it so expensive?” - Mr.White asked. “It is a very unique tea from India.” - they replied. The two men said if he was not going to pay, then they would call “The Boss”. Our main hero asked who that was. It appeared to be Sergeant-Major. He came personally to say who he was. Sergeant-Major was a big man, with a mustache. On his shoulder a monkey was sitting. It had a scary paw, it had a lot of blood on it. Mr. White thought for a second that he was going to remember that scary monkey’s paw for all his life. He paid the money. “Are you going to chase me again, if I accidentally forgot to pay?” - Mr. White asked. “Yes. Everyone must  get their punishment if they need to.” - scary man said.
Everything was okay. They said he could go home. Finally, in the end, he was really nervous.
On the way home. Mr. White was cursing everything that had just happened to him. That was a lesson for his whole life.
                                                       THE END

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