Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The curse of the                           monkey’s paw

One day Mr. White was sitting at home searching for video games on the internet. Suddenly he saw a pop up
advertising a magical monkey’s paw. He thought to himself how great it would be to own such a thing .
The only thing was the monkey’s paw was in India, but
Mr. White had some money so he decided to buy a ticket.

The next morning Mr. White got on the plane and took his seat next to a very big man with a very big beard. “Good morning” he said as he sat down. The man said “good morning” too.
As the flight went on the two men started talking and Mr.White asked the man why he was flying to India. The man told him that he had been a Sergeant Major in the army all his life and was now searching for an adventure, so he was flying to India to buy a magic monkey’s paw. Mr. White was very upset. He did not think anyone would go so far for such a thing. He told the men that he too was flying to buy the monkey’s paw.
The sergeant major got very angry and told Mr.White that if he tried to buy the paw he would break his legs. Mr.White now became full of fear because the man was so big and scary. He made a secret wish and put a curse on the sergeant major and they did not talk for the rest of the flight. When the plane landed the two men got up and left the plane. But as the sergeant major was walking down the steps he suddenly fell and broke both of his legs. He was taken away to hospital. “Ha Ha” thought Mr.White and got in a taxi and went straight to the factory where the monkey’s paw was. After Mr.White bought the paw he flew back to London but in the London airport they security stopped him and said that monkey’s paw’s are not allowed in London the security was the sergeant majors brother so when the sergeant major arrived his brother gave the monkey’s paw to him, but the paw had a curse on it so when it was night the paw had killed the sergeant major and went on.

By: Alexey        

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