Saturday, October 6, 2012

Eva 6K Gist Statement

There was once a young man named Mr.White. He was full of fear and made a wish: to move from London.  But he didn’t correctly make the wish, so instead it turned into a curse. His wish was to move from London. He did, but to India. He was desperate to find a job in India, it had already been 1 and a half days without water. He was barely walking when he saw what he was looking for:

                            JOB NEEDED! CALL 903 49083 389207 890!

Without thinking Mr.White took his phone and dialed the number. For the first minute nobody answered, Mr.White was about to decline the call but then somebody answered. It was a rough, old voice. The voice said: Come in half an hour to Monkey Paw’s village. But, but, but.... It was too late . The person hung up and Mr.White had no choice but as to come to Monkey Paw Village. He took a bus stop and was there in 15 mins. He saw why the man hadn’t told the street address . This whole place was an enormous   factory!!! Out of the door came out a man ( probably the one that was 

talking on the phone.) He introduced  himself as Sergeant-Major. The work was simple, but exhausting. In his first 2 hours of work he was sweating like crazy. At night when he finally finished his shift he saw a shooting star. He made a wish to come back to London even if he had to live in despair. The next day Sergeant-Major  fired him, and Mr.White was delighted. He came back to London and lived for his whole life in despair!

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