Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sina Barmoro Anticipation Guide "Tell Tale Heart"

If you are guilty of a major crime, you will eventually get caught
I agree, if it was a major crime then somebody must have heard about it. For example if the crime happened in a jewelry shop and the thief stole jewelry and the broke the glass window. If  the window breaks then the crime must have been heard. Some one that heard the crime will call the police. Then the policies catch the thief  and then because it was a major crime everybody will know and a lot of people (polices) will search. Then because it is such a big crime and all the police cars and ambulances are surrounding the shop all the security cameras then they have to be able to catch the thief. Also because it's a major crime then the place where the crime has happened has to be a popular place there for the crime has to be seen by the people living close to the store and they will call the policies and then someone might call the ambulance because someone might be hurt and the somebody might call the fire station because they might think that there is  a fire. The whole group is there and all the evidence will get picked up. Finally they will get the thief take back what the thief store and then last but not least the thief is in TROUBLE!

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