Wednesday, October 3, 2012

About Me

My name is Kristina. I was born in Kiev (Ukraine). I have a sister and a small brother. I also have a dog his name is Jazzy, a hamster and 6 fish.The hamster’s name is Doughnut because he is kind of fat. My favorite animal is a wolf. I  love coffee and mint ice-cream.My passion is art and laughing. I also like purple color. And my favorite band is Coldplay.
My best vacation was in Italy (Sardinia). I went there two times in summer this year and last year.
It’s my 6th year in PSI.
My mom and dad are from Georgia (not the one in America). But my sister is from Latvia and my dad’s brother is also from Latvia,My dad is
a bit German but mostly speaks Russian.My mom is also Georgian. My grandma is Ukrainian.

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