Thursday, October 4, 2012

Haley Gist Statement

Not long ago in India, a cry was heard. The famous Sergeant-Major was on another one of his cases. It turns out it was the same 4-year-old kid who likes to see the Sergeant-Major’s moustache. So the detective’s day was off. The next day was the first day of the week of the Thanksgiving break. So he booked a flight to London and as off. 

When his flight landed, the Sergeant-Major’s plane was parked next to a Cola factory. From a glance of the entrance of the factory was an increasing puddle of a red liquid. He knew he had to investigate but was a bit mad because he was on his vacation. So, after the  Sergeant-Major was out of the airport, he scurried over the doorway of the factory filled with fear. Then he cursed under his breath because he was on his vacation doing his job. When he came the the factory, he was a monkey’s paw with a dead monkey beside it. Next to the paw and monkey, he saw a guy with bloody hands and a knife. The murder turned his head to face the Sergeant-Major and to his surprise, it was Mr. White, his college classmate! To Mr. White’s despair, he knew this would be the last of his crimes. He said, “I wish I would vf made the right decision when I was younger” and then, Mr. White was off in a police car. The Sergeant-Major was finally off into the beautiful British sunset.

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