Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Daniel S. tell tale heart anticipation guide

 People who are mentally ill are always aware of their sickness.                                                                                                                                                  I strongly disagree with this statement because they live with their diseases as kids and are  undiagnosed of them and what the diseases mean. They live nearly their whole life with the mental disease totally unaware of it, and then some person or a doctor tells them that they have a mental disease. For sure, in I think the person will not believe it, because would you believe a person coming and telling you that you have a disease that you have never known about. It (the disease) can even cause some unique symptoms in a person and even kill him or her, but the person will still not think it is a disease  in them. The misinformed human will try to argue that he or she is totally sane, and even when he gets proof he will still not believe it. In the short story ‘’Tell-tale Heart’’ the murderer killed the old man just because he was afraid of his ‘’eagle eye”.  This is an example of the crazy things the person with the disease will do and then when  interrogated, the person will tell that he is totally sane, and will tell that he did the crazy deed ‘’professionally’’ and ‘’very good’’. That is why I think that humans who have a mental disease are not always aware of them.

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