Thursday, March 22, 2012

Friendships with people of the opposite gender are stronger
I disagree with this statement because I think friendships between opposite genders are not so tight as between people of the same gender.  One of the arguments I will give you is that some people are not confident in sharing different information with other gender. For example, discussing who won the match, your own life, whom do you spend most of the time with, whom do you like, why do you hate him or her. Also good friendship between people is made out of same interests. Mostly, boys and girls have different interests. For example, when boys are small they like to play with cars and girls like to play with dolls and as older they get then more interests spread out/get different. Not only same interests have to match but also friends need to have same views on their life, different stuff etc. That means that they have different hobbies/entertainments. We can imagine the situation when girls like shopping, listen to the pop music, more interested in fashion and when boys like carting, electronic devices, horror movies, rep or rock and roll music and when they spend time together it’s pretty hard to find the same staff they like both and do it. Sports are also important stuff for boys. Girls can’t play football, basketball… at the same level as boys and when girls are much better in drama, music… and when some of them would like to do one of that staff they can’t do it because that would not be interesting for them to do it together. That’s why I think it’s better to make friends of the same gender as you are.


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