Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Friends can be more important than family...

6) Friends can be more important than family.

I agree, there are many reasons to support this. Some of these are: friends are chosen, they understand you and they are always there for you. This is only true when you have chosen well in your friendship which may not always be the case.

Although family can often be more important than friends, it is possible for friends to be more important than family. In different stages of life different people matter. For example when you are a baby your family are more important as they look after you and you have not had a chance to establish a good friendship over that short period of time, whereas when you are a teenager, your family are often not as important as they used to be. Generally at this stage of life, being with people who are similar in age and opinions has much greater importance than spending time with family. Family is often taken for granted.

Your family is not chosen, whereas friends are. This gives them an advantage compared to your family, as friends are usually your type and it may be the case that your family is not. Sometimes your family may not understand you because they are going through different stages in life and may have forgotten what it was like at your age.

I have suggested that friends can be more important than family but this is not the case for everyone, as individuals we have different opinions and different ways of looking at the world.


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