Monday, March 19, 2012

The best friends you will have are individuals who are both similar to you and have very different qualities as well.

I agree because no one is exactly the same as you and if there was then personally i would find it disturbing. Also if someone was completely different to you, you wouldn’t be friends. This means that people you like will be similar and different to you at the same time. If you had a friend that always did the same things as you and had the same experiences then you would have nothing to talk about or compare. It would start to be annoying because you would be all ways be told of for copying each other when it’s just your exactly the same.

If someone was completely different to you then you would always argue and fight because you have completely different opinions. You wouldn't work well together and during sports you would always be put on different teams and never co-operate and hate each other. You would make fun of them for there differences and that will get you down and make you depressed.

The fact is that anyone that’s either completely different or exactly the same will not be your best friend. From personal experience i don’t really like people that are completely different or the same. But that is only my opinion.

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