Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Agree or Disagree

Friends can be more important than family.

I Agree and Disagree… it depends how your friends and family are. If you can trust them, or not. If they are nice to you or not.
You can't compare family & friends. Each have their own importance. Family are there always to support you any time in any problem and friends are more important for growth of a person.
Family to most of the people, are way more important than friends. Friends you can lose, family you can't. They will always be related to you. friends are the ones to stick with. If you have a true friend, one who has been there with and for you, for years and years, nothing can replace them, neither your family. It is true that not all families are the same by giving support and being understanding no matter what happens to you. In the end as they say, friends come and go while your family will always be your family, no matter what. Even if you argue and never speak to each other for the rest of your life, you cannot change that face. You can't pick your family. I think sometimes people who don't have parents, who don't care about them, wish they could pick their perfect family. But you can pick your friends based on your own needs. So you never know what’s best for you. Your life is like a box with candy and you don't know how they taste, so you pick what ever. Sometimes it is the right decision but not always…

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