Thursday, March 22, 2012

Anticipation Bridge to Terabithia 250 word paragraph

​Friendships with people of the opposite gender are stronger. I disagree because people with different genders can't be friends because they have different interests and they have nothing to talk about together. There are a lot of unisex things that people with different genders can talk about, but boys and girls are interested in different things. For example, younger girls like princesses and younger boys like cars and planes. So they can't be better friends that they are with kids with the same gender with them. Also another example is that older children like children our age have different interests either. Girls talk about boys, and boys talk about different stuff than girls (I don't know what, because, obviously, I'm not a boy). For example, when 2 girls go to shopping, they are going to the same shops with their friends, and if a girl and a boy go shopping together, they will have to wait for each other for a really long time. Also when two girls go to the cinema together, they have the same interests in movies and they are actually watching the movie, and when a girl and a boy go to the movie, they choose a random movie and they end up kissing in the end. Also we should not forget about the sleepovers. When two girls have a sleepover, that's normal, but when a girl and a boy have a sleepover together, then that's... Ummm... Not really normal because they should always be afraid of his or her friend because he/she can see him/her showering. Also a boy and a girl who are best friends can end up with a relationship going on between them. So as you can see, friendships with people of the opposite gender are not stronger.

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