Monday, March 26, 2012

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Friendships with people of the opposite gender are

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I agree,
I think that friends with the same gender can get along well and easy to find. Therefor it is not as deep. So it is rare for 2 people of opposite gender being friends. Because it is rare, it usually last longer. I think that opposite gender people can get along better than the same gender. Because if it’s an opposite gender then it means girl and boy and girls can’t fight like boys, and boy can’t fight like girls so they don’t fight at all. This makes their friendship last long and it makes it safe because friend with the same gender often get in fight which becomes the end of their relationship. From my experience I had times when I found opposite gender friends than the same. It was last summer when I went every day to a sports camp for 3 weeks and there I first found 3 opposite gender friends than 1 same. Also opposite gender friends can start to like each other even more (love) which leads to them getting deeper relationships. I think that love is really really deep friendship. This allows them to be even closer in their relationship. Because friends know each other than the opposite gender doesn’t change anything. Therefor if they get into deeper relationship it will be strong and stabled because they were really good friends. My opinion is that opposite gender friends have stronger friendship than the same gender.
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By: Eszti

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