Thursday, March 22, 2012

4) agree- Because a friend can only get your feeling when he/she are a bit similar to each other.With being a bit a like each other they can get each other’s point of view and understanding.If you have a friend like you then you would find it discomfiting and annoying.Someone who is totally different from you can be strange for you to understand so that leads to not being friends with that person.A friend who is like you, can be a thing to be mad why?because with the same person you lose your own unique personality . In some point of the friendship with someone like you can make you lose your interests in thing/subjects for example your thing to do is Graffiti because you are really good at making them and no one else can make it like you do.On the other side you friend with similar interests has the same interest Graffiti and she is really good at it too.Seeing that can make you lose interest in Graffiti and also can cause problems . Friendship with person who is different then you causes fights and misunderstanding why? because there are things you totally don’t understand because of you not understanding can cause misunderstandings.A person who is different can never be a good friend cause you both will never get each other.A friend like you can never be a good friend too because you are just too similar.When you are a bit a like at least able to understand their feelings and really know.Also having different talents helps you to compare things.You can share your experiences with each other these ‘qualities’ in a friend lead to a good friendship.


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  2. 4)The best friends you will have are individuals who are both similar to you and have very different qualities as well.