Thursday, March 22, 2012

Anja Friends with similarities and differences

The best friends you will have are individuals who are both similar to you and have very different qualities as well. I agree because best friends (or just friends) always have some similarities to each other, they hey are also different in many ways. And that is good because if you have nothing in common, after a while, the friends can start to misunderstand each other and become 'enemies'. That might cause unneeded violence and bring them even more apart. But, if the friends are too similar, after a while they get bored of each other and start to fight over everything, as even the most similar, have something that is different. That might become such a problem that they would get annoyed of each other and fight. Adding to that, if people are similar, it can be possible that they have some bad habits, which hey might both only realize the other has, and not them themselves. When people are a bit similar and a bit similar to the other they get along really well, as a bit of both adds up and makes a rather stable friendship.

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