Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Friends are more importand then family members.

I disagree,because family members will be with you no matter what you do.However if you do something horrible to a friend,he may not be so friendly to you after all. But don't forget the fact that there are different people and different personalities!

If you have a friend that is:Fun,helpful,kind,smart etc,you will try not to do anything bad to him. However if you by "accident" do something not required for good friendship,for example:"Not come to his/her birthday party because you had A LOT of homework" He/She may be really sad after that.But He/She still will be your friend because He/She is smart.However if you will have a great fight ,because you thought that He/She didn't spend much time with you,but with others!There is not so many chances that He/She will still be your friend.

However family members will always be with you and support you.If you take for example your parents,remind yourself that they were the ones who brought you on earth,that they bought clothes,toys,food,technology etc for you,that they were the ones who didn't let you do something dangerous (because they didn't want you to get hurt).You can also remind yourself that if your parents weren't good to you,you wouldn't go to such an AMAZING school and you wouldn't meet your friends.

Now when you have read all these paragraphs I hope you understand that although your friends are AWESOME,your family members are more important!Never forget,family members:1# place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Written by:Solomiya Matsala!

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