Friday, March 23, 2012

5) Friendships with people of the opposite gender are stronger. Agree. Same-gender friends develop easier. You could easily share more information if two people are the same gender. Therefore, people think that the friendship is stronger as well. Not until the people who disagree get into a friendship like this. It is more difficult to become friends with the opposite gender, but it is more difficult to accept a broken friendship like that. People realize how hard it was to obtain a friendship with the opposite gender, so losing it would make the person feel ‘empty’ Losing a friend that is hard to obtain is more painful than losing a friend you became friends with in a few days. In my own experience, I spent nearly a whole school year becoming friends with every guy in the grade just to feel more welcome in my school. Becoming friends with all the girls was a one month deal. Then it happened that my best friends were the boys, and when I left I missed them more than the girls. Why? Letting go of a long-time friendship is more painful then leaving a friend that is similar to you, in gender and personality.

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