Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Bridge to Terabithia Anticipation guide M

I agree that your best friends are ones that are very different from you but very alike you. You have lots of troubles with people who are very opposite from you, because you can't ever find an agreement, and people that are the same as you are boring, because you know what to expect, and you both find each other boring. If you are different in some ways and the same in the other, and if you are like that with your friend, you will find that you will be much better friends with that person than someone you are a lot like or very different. With a friend, you want to be able to guess what they are saying a little bit of the time, but not have any clue most of the time. An example of 2 people being friends who are different but very alike is Eszti and I. We both are from different places, and we both like different things, but we both enjoy Art, and we both enjoy music, and we both like a lot of things that the other one likes. Another example of this is in my last school their was a boy and a girl that were really good friends. They had different qualities, like one of them is boy and the other a girl, but they had similar qualities like they both loved Harry Potter, and other books by JK Rowling. That is why I think that the best friends you have are ones that are very different but have similar qualities as well.

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