Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bridge Anticipitation Guide Carlo

You can do bad things but still be a good person.
I agree because everybody in the world has already done something bad. No one is perfect. If I would say that if you do bad things, you are a bad person then that would mean that the entire world is evil and everyone is bad. Everybody has done something bad in their life. It doesn’t matter if you hurt someone’s feelings or bullied someone. Just because of that people can’t say that you are a bad person for the rest of their lives. I have already done a lot of stupid and bad things but I am still a good person. During school you might not know it but you do a lot of mean and bad things. But does that make you a bad person? Just because of some mistakes you can’t be called bad. If you disagree to this statement you are even calling yourself bad and not only you, but every human that lives on this planet because no one is perfect. My and your entire family would be considered ‘bad’ if you think that because you do bad things, you become a bad person with a bad personality. All of the presidents and leaders have already done bad things. But do people see them as bad people for what they did in their past? Some people don’t like the rulers and president s but that is not because they did bad things, it is because of their opinions. People can still be good even though they did bad things.

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