Wednesday, March 21, 2012

AgReE OR DiSaGrEe?

Family is more important than friends

 I agree and disagree, It really depends on the kind of family and friends......Can you trust your friends? Is your family respectful to you? From my point of view before you make a decision you have to ask yourself those questions. Many families are caring thoughtful and respectful to their children. In hard times you believe that family does not matter, in the times like your parents shouted at you for no reason   (from your point of view). In those times you think “I hate my family!”, “I rather be with my friends”. But there are other time when your friends ignore you, turn down on you, lie cheat in a way that makes you feel rejected inside. In these situations you feel like going home or hugging someone. There are friends that you will never forget, but there are some that you do not even remember. You might fight with your friends and loose them, but you will never loose your family. It is highly important to treat your family members with respect, but remember that they will always love you and never forget you. Many of used to cuddle under our parents arm and feel really safe when we were young, as time passes we get into that age when we do not trust our family, and we think they care about us too much. However when we become adults we have our own life which our parents are not involved in. We all start to miss them, but there are always our friends with us. It is important 
you make the right choice, but you have to remember that you have only one family but dozens of friends.
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